Individual Therapy

An individual might seek therapy for a variety of reasons. To address a specific problem, such as coping with infidelity, adjustment to parenthood, or low sexual desire. Or, the reason might be more broad, such as increasing mood, self-esteem, or improving quality of life and relationships. Frequently, the reasons can be a combination of things.

No single form of therapy works well for all people, just as people don’t all want to eat the same food, wear the same clothes, or drive the same cars. There are many therapy methods and most will work well for some people. The challenge is to determine what method will work best for you. Our focus is to assist clients in achieving greater self-awareness (insight) and to act on that insight in a productive manner (behavior change).

A point to keep in mind is, the higher level of motivation you have to make changes, the more positive and potentially successful your treatment will be. The overall length of time taken for individual therapy varies widely. A client and therapist may work together for as few as six sessions or for a much longer time, depending on the client’s unique needs and personal goals for therapy. One important part of therapy is consistent attendance, as each session will build upon the previous. Returning for a follow up session at a designated point after termination is also recommended so you and your psychologist can monitor and avoid potential relapse.

Our Treatment Philosophy

If you are ready to make a commitment to yourself and your relationship, change is possible. We are experienced in treating individuals and couples diverse in their expressions of sexuality as well as cultural background.